Other Contextual Analytics

Nodeflux Contextual Analytics empowers you to tailor comprehensive analytics to your specific needs. This solution integrates cutting-edge Large Vision Models and Visual Transformers directly into the Nodeflux Visionaire platform. Unlock the potential of your use cases with advanced visual reasoning capabilities. Customize object detection and classification to accurately identify and monitor anomalies, revolutionizing your approach to unexpected events.

We offer a range of potential production-ready contextual analytics, including those listed below. Contact the Nodeflux team to discuss your specific customization needs and ensure seamless implementation.

Example of Use Case Analytics

  1. Person Smoking Detection Analytics

  2. Person Using Handphone Detection Analytics

  3. Flood Pre-Monitoring Analytics


Visionaire Contextual Analytics utilizes a combination of other services:

  1. Postgres - For database,

  2. Docker Snapshot - For Analytics related,

  3. Visionaire Docker Stream - For video stream processing,

  4. Vanilla Dashboard (Optional) - Built-in dashboard for visualization.

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