Insert / Update / Delete Enrollment

Insert Single Enrollment

If you want to insert a single enrollment, click NEW ENROLLMENT and SELECT SINGLE ENROLLMENT.

After that insert data and images for the enrollment.

Data that need to fill such as

Data NameDescriptions

Identity Number

Can be used to distinguish users by their ID numbers.


Fill in with full name. (Must fill in)


Pria (Male) or Wanita (Female).

Birth Place

Place of birth.

Birth Date

Date of birth.


Can be used to distinguish users by their status (can be their job or anything else).

And then click Save.

Update Single Enrollment

To update a face, click three buttons and click UPDATE THIS ENROLLMENT.

And then update image / information that you want.

Remove Single Enrollment

To delete a single enrollment, click three buttons and click REMOVE THIS ENROLLMENT.

And then click to proceed delete to confirm your action.

Remove All Enrollment

To remove all enrollment click REMOVE ALL ENROLLMENT

And then type unique code to confirm.

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