Migration from Old Streamer to New Streamer

Library content :

How yo use new visual streamer :

  1. Copy the library to your public folder so the path will be ( public/library/jsmpeg )

  2. Open index.html on your public folder

  3. Import file jsmpeg.min.js inside head tag

<script src="/library/jsmpeg/jsmpeg.min.js"></script>
  1. And then import file jsmegVisualStreamer.js after body tag

<script src="/library/jsmpeg/jsmpegVisualStreamer.js"></script>
  1. After that you can use the component, component example :

   style="width: 569px; height: 320px">

Notes :

  • Class nodeflux-stremer is required

  • For MPEG1 we are using websocket protocol instead http protocol

  1. And then for starting visualisation you can use this command :


Library API :


This function will be use for starting visualisation component


This function will be use for stop all visualisation component

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