Add-ons Analytics Installation

This diagram outlines the integrated workflow of VisionAIre's add-on concept. The process begins with the VisionAIre Stream platform, which captures live CCTV footage and uses advanced AI models for initial analysis. This platform will send images from the stream AI model. These images are then sent to the VisionAIre Snapshot platform, which acts as an add-on service, providing a more granular level of analysis. The Snapshot platform is equipped with sophisticated AI model capabilities to attribute detailed characteristics to individuals detected in the footage, enriching the data for comprehensive analytics.

Furthermore, the VisionAIre Stream platform takes charge of the entire licensing process, negating the necessity for distinct licenses for each service. This unified approach ensures that users can access both the Stream and Snapshot platforms without the administrative burden of managing multiple licenses, resulting in a streamlined user experience.

To install OVOD Service please check here:

pageOVOD Installation

To install OVIC service please check here:

pageOVIC Installation

To install People Attributes service, please check here:

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