Batch Enrollment

Enroll multiple persons in simple steps.

  1. Create a folder of photo collection to looks like this

  2. Create file face_enrollment.csv with the template below

    identity_number, name, status, foldername
    identity_number, name, status, foldername
    92731892, Adil, VIP, Adil
    84281821, Bahrun, VIP, Bahrun
    77262111, Cintia, TSK, Cintia
  3. Go to page Enrollment

  4. Click Batch Enrollment

  5. Click select CSV file or drag and drop folder

  6. Click button Proceed

  7. Log enrollment is showed

    Batch enrollment start....
    Adil/adil1.jpeg   successfully enrolled
    Adil/adil2.jpeg   successfully enrolled
    Adil/2017-08-05.jpeg   successfully enrolled
    Bahrun/bahrunganteng.jpg   successfully enrolled
    Cintia/cayangdiacelalu.jpg   successfully enrolled
    Cintia/hombre.mp4  enrollment is failed

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