Visionaire Documentation

Credential Keys

List of Required Credentials

To run Visionaire Stream, you need to have four credentials listed below:
  • Visionaire Cloud email account and password. Just register to Visionaire Cloud.
  • Visionaire Cloud access key and secret key. You can generate one from the Visionaire Cloud dashboard.
  • Visionaire Stream deployment key. You can access on Cloud dashboard 'Partnership' in the profile tab. If you don't see, it means that you don't have any deployment key. You can request to our sales.

1. Get Visionaire Cloud Email and Password

  • "Create new account" or "Sign in with Google".
  • Fill the registration form, check the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then click sign up.
  • Click the link in the email we just sent for verification.
  • Login with your credential. Remember your Cloud Email and Password.

2. Get Visionaire Cloud Access Key and Secret Key

  • Go to the tab "Access Key".
  • Click "Generate Access Key". You might be asked to enter some information needed before generating the access key for the first time.
  • After the key is generated, click "Download as .csv". You can see your Access Key and Secret Key. Save this for Stream installation.

3. Get Deployment Key

  • Create / Sign-in to Nodeflux’s Cloud Account.
  • If you sign in with Google for the first time, don’t forget to change the password from the Profile page. Make sure your password does not contain characters such as ! and \.
  • Contact our Sales with Interest for Partnership and request details with the amount of serial number requested.
  • Wait for the response, and if approved, the Partnership tab will be available on your cloud account.
  • In the Partnership page, you will get a deployment key with a number of seats according to your prior request for the amount of serial number.
  • The single deployment key refers to a single running instance of docker visionaire. Which means, only one deployment key can be used at a time. You will be unable to execute another instance of docker visionaire using the same deployment key without deactivating (through the cloud dashboard) the previous instance.
  • If multiple instances are using the same deployment key, the Visionaire will be able to detect and terminate the older instance automatically.
  • You can always monitor the status of the deployment key and its serial numbers through the cloud dashboard.
  • You are not encouraged to deactivate the serial number manually as docker visionaire will manage the seats automatically, unless under extraordinary circumstances.
This license key will be used when you need to run Visionaire Docker Stream.
You now can proceed to Installation Guide by using the link bellow: