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What are the Available Analytics in Docker Stream?

Analytics that are available in Docker Stream.
  • Estimate the number of people in the crowd.
  • Suitable to monitor crowd conflict (protest, demonstration).
  • Recognize faces in the crowd.
  • Outstanding performance in various cases like hijab, ageing, surveillance angle, masked, and more.
  • Recognizing latency under 500ms.
  • Suitable for surveillance.
  • Read vehicle plate and classify car
  • Support Indonesia plate.
  • Classify the vehicle to a car, motor, truck, or bus.
  • Count people crossing the line.
  • Recognize IN and OUT directions.
  • Identify patterns in human behavior in ROI
  • Measure duration of people dwell
  • Classify the type of vehicle as a car, motor, truck, or bus
  • Counting vehicle crossing the line.
  • Measure duration of vehicle dwell
  • Identify patterns in vehicle behavior in ROI
  • Detects the features and characteristics of water and monitors its movement inside a camera view.