Face and Image Quality Assessment


Evaluate the face before performing enrollment processing. There are 10 face attributes that will be evaluate whether there's occlusion in the face. Thus, ensure the face enrollment process is perform correctly.

Our service consist of Face Detection which located face on a given photo. Face occlusion service that check whether there are occlusion on specific face attributes, namely:

  1. "Forehead"

  2. "Eyebrow Right"

  3. "Eyebrow Left"

  4. "Eye Right"

  5. "Eye Left"

  6. "Cheek Right"

  7. "Cheek Left"

  8. "Nose"

  9. "Mouth"

  10. "Chin"

The last part of the our FIQA service is image quality assessment analytic to determine the overall quality of a given image.

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