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Types Protocol



Bounding box around a detected object. The coordinates are in ratio of overall image size.

Field Type Label Description
top float Top (y) coordinate of the bounding box.
left float Top (x) coordinate of the bounding box.
height float Height of the bounding box.
width float Width of the bounding box.



Vector representation of an image

Field Type Label Description
data float repeated



Field Type Label Description
encoding Image.Encoding Image encoding type.
size ImageSize Image size (height, width, and channel). This field is required if the encoding is set to IMAGE_ENCODING_RGB24.
address string Address of image stored in a remote storage. The address must be a fully qualified URL. e.g: - - s3://
content bytes Image content, represented as stream of bytes. If both address and content are provided, content takes precedence.


Field Type Label Description
labels ImageMetadata.LabelsEntry repeated
timestamp google.protobuf.Timestamp


Field Type Label Description
key string
value string


Image size descriptor

Field Type Label Description
height int32 Image height in pixels
width int32 Image width in pixels
channel int32 Image's number of channel


Image encoding types

Name Number Description
IMAGE_ENCODING_UNKNOWN 0 Unknwon image encoding.
IMAGE_ENCODING_RGB24 1 Image encoded as rgb24
IMAGE_ENCODING_JPEG 2 Image encoded as jpeg.



Field Type Label Description
x float x coordinate value
y float y coordinate value
type nodeflux.types.v1beta1.Landmark.LandmarkType The type of the Landmark


Types of the Landmark

Name Number Description
UNKNOWN 0 Unknwon landmark.
EYE_LEFT 1 Eye left landmark.
EYE_RIGHT 2 Eye right landmark.
NOSE 3 Nose landmark.
MOUTH_LEFT 4 Mouth left landmark.
MOUTH_RIGHT 5 Mouth right landmark.



Field Type Label Description
name string Product name.
label uint64 Product label.
confidence float Confidence score.
bounding_box nodeflux.types.v1beta1.BoundingBox Bounding box around the detected product.
row uint32 Row of product within shelf.
column uint32 Column of product within shelf.


Axis Types

  • Normal axis: an axis drawn from top to bottom of a face.
  • Transverse axis: an axis running from the left ear to right ear of a face.
  • Longitudinal axis: an axis drawn through front to back of a face.


Field Type Label Description
image nodeflux.types.v1beta1.Image Face posed image.
pose_type nodeflux.types.v1beta1.PoseType Type of pose.


Field Type Label Description
yaw float Motion about normal axis.
pitch float Motion about transverse axis.
roll float Motion about longitudinal axis.


Name Number Description
POSE_UNSPECIFIED 0 Unspecified pose type.
CENTER 1 Pose when no rotation upon axises.
LEFT 2 Counter-clockwise rotation about normal axis.
RIGHT 3 Clockwise rotation about normal axis.
TOP 4 Counter-clockwise rotation about transverse axis.
DOWN 5 Clockwise rotation about transverse axis.
LEFT_ROLL 6 Counter-clockwise rotation about longitudinal axis.
RIGHT_ROLL 7 Clockwise rotation about longitudinal axis.