What is Visionaire Docker Stream ?

Visionaire Docker Stream is a containerized video streaming AI computation to interpret any source of video stream into structured data.

How Visionaire Docker Stream (Face Recognition) works ?

Visionaire Docker Stream utilize combination of other services:

  1. Postgres - For database,

  2. Docker Snapshot - For face recognition service,

  3. Visionaire Docker Stream - For video stream processing, and,

  4. Vanilla Dashboard (Optional) - Built in dashboard for visualization.

Why Visionaire Docker Stream?

  1. Self-hosted means better performance.

  2. Self-hosted means easier compliance, better privacy protection and data security.

  3. Use simple HTTP calls like you would any Rest API.

  4. Works with any language and from any client.

  5. Regular updates and model upgrades.

Comparison with Visionaire Cluster