Image Guideline
In a sense of deep learning technology, the performance of this analytic might slightly differ in your environment, depending on several variables such as camera specs, camera height, camera angle, weather conditions, etc. We highly recommend you to test our analytics and run benchmarks on your own images, with ground truth or your quality expectations prepared beforehand. Please contact us for more info.

Image Configuration


Image Setting
Accepted Image format input
Maximum image size
Minimum image dimension
280 pixels x 280 pixels
Maximum image dimension
2000 pixels x 2000 pixels


Image Setting
Face per Image - Face Enrolment
Face per Image - Face Face Match
1 for both image
Face per Image - Face Recognition
Minimum Face Size for Enrollment
480 pixels x 480 pixels
Minimum Face Size for Face Recognition
224 pixels x 224 pixels
Face posture
Frontal, selfie pose
Accepted face tilt
Accepted head rotation

Sample Image for Enrolment

Acceptable Condition

The images below are the reference for face analytics.
Frontal face, one face per image


The following view configurations are acceptable but are not recommended, as they might impact analytics performance.

Head rotation <30° (left)
Head rotation <30° (right)
In addition, there are other conditions that might affect the performance of the analytics, including (but not limited to) those listed in the following images.
Blurred image
Face in glossy paper
Image with backlight
Wearing any type of face cover
Wearing sunglasses
Multiple faces within one photo
Face too small and not frontal
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