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People Counting

To verify that your camera can work with our People Counting analytic, try performing a test. Make sure that our analytic can detect people (you can see a bounding box around that person) and the bounding box can follow the person till crossing the counter line.
Our model requires to detect person with height above 200 pixels on frame or the a quarter from height your display if the frame is 1080p. Less than that, the result might varies depends on the how the person visually presented.
Detailed person size from previous image. Both person height is more than 200 pixels.
Recommended person vs screen proportion

Sample View

View to Avoid

Please avoid a CCTV view when there are a lot of mannequins, banner/digital ads which shows a person or hanged clothes in monitored area to prevent false detection.

General Camera Placement

This is a general placement for most CCTV with this spec. Your camera configuration and placement might need some adjustment from the recommendation below: