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Chicken Estimation


Our Chicken Estimation (Snapshot) analytic will provide user with two insightful information which are Chicken Counting and Chicken Movement.

Chicken Counting

Allows us to know the number of chicken in a certain area and time by counting chicken from two opposite directions simultaneously. The data generated from this analysis can be used monitor availability of stock from chicken in every coop (kandang).
Chicken Counting based On Object Heat-map

Chicken Movement

Allows us to see the movement of each chicken as an indicator whether the chicken is sick or not. Thus, we can take quick steps to treat or separate sick chickens from the other chicken. This could be achieved by monitoring the changes in heat map area

How it Works

The Analytic Pipeline


  1. 1.
    The analytic provide estimation number which may differ from actual condition
  2. 2.
    The minimum requirement for initial input images (exemplar) of coop images is 3 images.
Example of Input Image
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