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All APIs take an access key and secret key param in the header. These key-secret pairs are associated with a user and allow permission to the user to request the API.

Signature Request

Send a POST request to, by providing these arguments as application/json with request payload:
"access_key": "YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_ID",
"secret_key": "YOUR_SECRET_KEY"
you will get a response similar to this:
"headers": {
"token": "34c513672bb7c4918d52cea989fba1060f8084ece5135df5155c2dec2d98cff1"

Construct Authorization Key

After you get the signature response contains x-nodeflux-timestamp and token, you can start to construct your authorization key with this format:
NODEFLUX-HMAC-SHA256 Credential={ACCESS_KEY}/{DATE}/nodeflux.api.v1beta1.ImageAnalytic/StreamImageAnalytic, SignedHeaders=x-nodeflux-timestamp, Signature={TOKEN}
Modify ACCESS_KEY, DATE, and TOKEN from signature response. DATE is the date component of x-nodeflux-timestamp or the first 8 characters of DATE (e.g. 20190111).

Configure Environment

You need to pass your authentication as a header each time you make an API request. Below are variables that you need to setup as a header before making a request:
Your authorization key.
x-nodeflux-timestamp from the Signature response.