Visionaire Documentation

Getting Started

Register or Login to Dashboard

Login at Or just click here if you need to set up your account for the first time.
Image of VisionAIre Cloud Dashboard

Generate Access Key

Choose the "Credentials" menu and click the “Generate Access Key” button to get the access key.
Image of Menu Bar
Image of Generate Access Key
The access key will be generated. Click "Download .csv file" to save access key information.
After success generating access key, you can get information about:
  • Access key ID
  • Secret access key
  • Access key name (possible for changing the name)
The value of the secret access key can only be seen once, we recommend to downloading the .csv file of the access key.

Signature Request

Send a POST request to, by providing these arguments as application/json with request payload:
"access_key": "YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_ID",
"secret_key": "YOUR_SECRET_KEY"
you will get a response similar to this:
"headers": {
"token": "34c513672bb7c4918d52cea989fba1060f8084ece5135df5155c2dec2d98cff1"

Construct Authorization Key

From the Request Authorization response, you can construct your authorization key
NODEFLUX-HMAC-SHA256 Credential={ACCESS_KEY}/{DATE}/nodeflux.api.v1beta1.ImageAnalytic/StreamImageAnalytic, SignedHeaders=x-nodeflux-timestamp, Signature={TOKEN}
Fill your ACCESS_KEY, DATE, and TOKEN from the response above. DATE is the date component of x-nodeflux-timestamp or the first 8 characters of DATE (e.g. 20190111).

Select Analytic to Request

Select analytic from the following list or you can run in Postman.
Or you select from Analytics API