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User Guide

Nodeflux GRID is a distributed video analytic system, ready to fulfil your needs of AI-powered analytic system up to a city scale environment.

Nodeflux GRID empowers your existing CCTVs and turn it into a reactive surveillance system and/or insightful resources. With Computer Vision & Deep Learning technology, we help you to swiftly process your visual sources and output the relevant information into databases for further analysis.

This covers a wide range of sectors including, but not limited to, smart city, defense & security, traffic management, toll management, store analytic (wholesale and retail), asset & facilities management, advertising, and many more.

We provide an integration method, from your app to our app using webhook, to make sure our data fully utilised into your third party application. This will create powerful insight for your business as you have the "invisible data" gathered to help you fulfil your customer needs.