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API Protocol



Multiple image analytics requests for a single service call.

Field Type Label Description
requests ImageAnalyticRequest repeated List of image analytic requests for this batch.


Response to a batch image analytic request.

Field Type Label Description
responses ImageAnalyticResponse repeated Individual responses to image analytics requests within the batch.


Request for performing one or more analytics over an image.

Field Type Label Description
image nodeflux.types.v1beta1.Image The image to be processed.
analytics repeated Requested analytics to be performed.
metadata nodeflux.types.v1beta1.ImageMetadata Metadata of the image. Could be used to add more context to the image. e.g. where the image comes from and when.


Response to an image analytic request.

Field Type Label Description
error google.rpc.Status If set, represents the error message for the operation. Note that filled-in image analytics response are guaranteed to be correct, even when error is set.
extensions google.protobuf.Any repeated If present, extension analytics has completed successfully.
face_detections repeated If present, face detection has completed successfully.
face_recognitions repeated If present, face recognition has completed successfully.
face_demographics repeated If present, face demographics has completed successfully.
vehicle_detections repeated If present, vehicle has completed successfully.
license_plate_recognitions repeated If present, license plate recognition has completed successfully.
face_enrollments repeated If present, face enrollment has completed successfully.
product_detection If present, shelf detection has completed successfully.
on_shelf_availability If present, on shelf availability has completed successfully.
share_on_shelf If present, share on shelf has completed successfully.
shelf_standard If present, shelf standard has completed successfully.


The ImageAnalytic service performs Visionaire Cloud analytics over client images. Supports synchronous and asynchronous service.

Method Name Request Type Response Type Description
BatchImageAnalytic BatchImageAnalyticRequest BatchImageAnalyticResponse Run image analytics for a batch of images
StreamImageAnalytic ImageAnalyticRequest stream ImageAnalyticResponse stream Run image analytics for a stream of images