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Upcoming Updates

New Billing System - August 2020

The new billing system will provide pay-as-you-go method as well as pre-paid model. We will also provide the payment system using 3D-Secure Payment Gateway third party to make sure your credit card information is safe.

Deprecation of Detection List and Enrollment Dashboard - August 2020

We value your privacy. By to do so, we will no longer save the image that you have send to us either via API calls or dashboard. Thus, each dashboard page that shows you the result of the image will be deprecated.

Tiering System Pricing Model - End of August 2020

We will release the tiering system model system for our analytic pricing. The tiering modle is similar to AWS or GCP tier with leveling tier system (eg: 50 IDR the first 10.000 hit, 40 IDR for the next 5.000, and so on).