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Image Configuration


Image Setting Recommendation
Accepted Image format input .JPEG OR .JPG
Maximum image size 800Kb
Maximum image dimension 2000 pixels x 2000 pixels

Face Analytics

Image Setting Recommendation
Face per Image - Face Enrollment 1
Face per Image - Face Face Match 1 for both image
Face per Image - Face Recognition Any
Minimum Face Size 160x160 pixels
Face posture Frontal, selfie pose
Accepted face tilt <15°
Accepted head rotation <30°

Query per Second

Every day dozens of developers make requests to the Nodeflux. To help manage the sheer volume of these requests, limits are placed on the number of requests that can be made. These limits help us provide the reliable and scalable API that our developer community relies on. Rate limits are applied based on request you make per account per second.

The following table lists the default Query Per Second (QPS) for the Nodeflux Rest APIs per second for each user.

Analytics Asynchronous Synchronous
Face Liveness 10 2
Face Match Liveness 10 2
Face Match with 2 Photos 10 2
Face Mask 10 2
Face Enrollment 10 2
Face Recognition 10 2
Face Match with Enrollment - 2
Face Demography - 2
People Density 10 2
Vehicle Density 10 2
Planogram Compliance 10 -
Get Job Status API 10 -
License Plate Recognition - 2

You can request to upgrade your limit by contact our Sales Team. We will review your current request and upgrade gradually based on your usage trend.