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Error Code

All of our API endpoints return back a error code code and description with details of the status. A full list of those status codes is shown below. If a status comes back that you do not see below, please reach out to our Support Team

Status Code Response Description
202 Accepted Request Failed to detect face The face is in the image is not detected.
400 Bad Request Error 400 (Bad Request)!! Invalid Method.
401 Unauthorized Invalid HMAC Token Authentication Key Invalid
404 Not Found FACE_MASKS analytic is not available No service is detected
413 Payload Too Large Please re-check your image file size Oversize image (Above 800kb)
415 Unsupported Media Type Invalid base64 jpeg string, please use valid data URI scheme for jpeg Base64 without URI, or the image format is not .JPEG/.JPG.
500 Internal Server Error unexpected EOF Broken base64 (V1)