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All APIs take a ‘access key ID’ and ‘secret key’ param in the header. These key-secret pairs are associated with a user and allows the permission to the user to request the API.

Signature Request

Send a POST request to, by providing these arguments as application/json with request payload:

  "access_key": "YOUR_ACCESS_KEY",
  "secret_key": "YOUR_SECRET_KEY"

you will get response similar to this:

  "headers": {
  "token": "34c513672bb7c4918d52cea989fba1060f8084ece5135df5155c2dec2d98cff1"

Construct Authorization Key

After you get the signature response contains x-nodeflux-timestamp and token, you can start to construct your authorization key with this format:

NODEFLUX-HMAC-SHA256 Credential={ACCESS_KEY}/{DATE}/nodeflux.api.v1beta1.ImageAnalytic/StreamImageAnalytic, SignedHeaders=x-nodeflux-timestamp, Signature={TOKEN}

Modify ACCESS_KEY, DATE, and TOKEN from signature response. DATE is the date component of x-nodeflux-timestamp or the first 8 characters of DATE (e.g. 20190111).

Configure Environment

You need to passing your authentication as header each time you make API request. Below are variables that you need to setup as header before making request:

Key Value
Content-type application/json
Authorization Your authorization key.
x-nodeflux-timestamp x-nodeflux-timestamp from the Signature response.